Where do I find affordable dental care?

Dental care is expensive if you don’t have insurance, but there are places you can go to for low-cost dental services in Ontario.

1. Your High School, College, or University

If you're in school, there are many ways to access free and/or affordable dental services.

High school students are eligible for free non-emergency and emergency dental care. Your school nurse, teachers or school administrators can arrange dental screenings for you, which provide early signs of potential problems. However, you'll still need to visit a dentist for a full examination. 

If you're in college or university, visit your students' union to ask about health and dental coverage. These are usually included in the tuition and fees you pay. You should also find dental practitioners who are part of the Studentcare Dental Network. In Ontario, dentists in this network reduces the cost of their services by:

  • 30% for preventative services
  • 20% for basic services
  • 20% for major restorative

2. Children in Need of Treatment Program

You may qualify for CINOT (Children in Need of Treatment). This program gives free dental care to young people who have urgent problems with their teeth. If you live in Toronto, find information about CINOT here. If you live outside of Toronto find more about CINOT by visiting your Public Health Unit or calling:

The Ministry of Health INFOline:
In Ontario (toll free) - P: 1(800) 268-1154
In Toronto - P: (416) 314-5518
TTY - P: 1(800) 387-5559

3. Community Health Organizations

In most cities in Ontario, the local community or public health department have free or less expensive dental services. Call or visit a Community Health Centre near you to find a health centre that offers dental care.

4. Dental Colleges and Universities

Some dental colleges and universities have dental clinic programs open to the public. They are usually cheaper than regular dental care. In Toronto, schools such as George Brown College, Regency Dental Hygiene Academy and the University of Toronto offer dental clinic programs. If you're outside of Toronto, check with local post-secondary institutions or your municipality for dental clinic programs.