How do I find a family doctor?

Finding a family doctor can be challenging because it may take you some time, but it’s important to find a doctor you're comfortable with.

How do I find a doctor?

A family doctor, or primary healthcare provider, someone you can make an appointment with  whenever you're dealing with a health issue. In addition to health concerns, they can help you with regular check-ups, authorize lab tests, and refer you to specialists 

In Ontario, healthcare is publicly funded so you don't have to pay to visit your family doctor.

To get a family doctor, you can:

What should I consider when I choose a doctor?

Some things to think about when searching for a family doctor are:

  • Is the doctor accepting new patients?
  • Can I make appointments at convenient times?
  • Do I want a male or female doctor?
  • Do I feel comfortable with the doctor?
  • Does the doctor explain my options clearly?

You may also want to try to find a doctor who can understand or relate to your cultural background or religious beliefs. 

What if I don’t have OHIP?

If you don’t have OHIP (The Ontario Health Insurance Plan), you can go to a Community Health Centre (CHC). Community Health Centres are non-profit organizations with doctors, nurses, social workers, and nutritionists.