Digital Stories

German is an international student from El Salvador. He talks about how he had to be the "head of the family" to help his family in Canada.

Paola and German, brother and sister, talk about how leaving El Salvador was difficult, as they left friends and family behind.

Bahar, a newcomer, shares 6 youth stories through a series of creative photo journals.

Paola is a high school student from El Salvador. She talks about how she struggled to make friends at school because of the language barrier

Rayhan is an 18-year-old newcomer from Solo, Indonesia. He was interviewed by Nur Elmasri.

Bhaumik, a newcomer youth from India, shares his experience with Nur Elmasri.

Ashkan Yavari, an international student currently living in Brampton, is interviewed by Nur Elmsari.

Sarra Torjemane and Tarek Madani share their passion for what they're studying and how they get experience in their field.

Sarra Torjemane and Tarek Madani talk about what they're studying and how they're getting experience to advance their career

Olive, a student from Kenya at the University of York, talks about how she got help getting into college and how she adapted to Canada

Jimena is a 16-year-old newcomer from Colombia who came to Canada in 2019 with her family. She is interviewed by Nadia Sanchez, a newcomer.

J.K. is a 19-year-old newcomer from Cancun, Mexico. She is interviewed by Nadia Sanchez, a newcomer youth as well.