How do I get my First Aid/CPR Certificate?

A CPR and First Aid certificate is a document that proves that you have completed the necessary courses and have learned life-saving skills.

What are First Aid and CPR?

First Aid is a basic health course that teaches you how to help people in an emergency situation. The first and easiest First Aid course will always teach a bit about CPR as well.

CPR stands for “cardiopulmonary resuscitation” and it is a mix of different ways to help someone breathe or help their heart beat.

There are two types of First Aid/CPR classes:

  • Workplace classes: for people who have to know CPR to work at their job
  • Community classes: for people who are interested in knowing it for everyday life

First Aid and CPR Certificates can be very useful when looking for employment. You will get a certificate if you complete required classes.

Where do I find classes?

To find First Aid or CPR class near you, check with the Ontario Red Cross, Lifesaving Society, or the Saint John Ambulance.

You can also ask your school or local community centre if they have any classes planned in the near future. This can save you some time and money.

A few things to know:

  • First Aid/CPR classes cost $30 to $150. Ask the course provider for details.
  • Classes may be 8-14 hours in total.
  • Once you get a certificate, it will only be valid for 3 years.