YAG Discussion: Journey to Services

Youth share their thoughts on accessibility and inclusion of services for newcomer youth.

What is the YAG?

The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) created by OCASI provides a space for newcomer youth to share their experiences and participate in discussions about their journey to community, services, education and employment. 

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Journey to Services Illustration
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Journey to Services

As part of a recent Youth Advisory Group (YAG) discussion, participants shared their thoughts on the accessibility and inclusivity of services for newcomer youth. They highlighted the importance of making these services easily accessible to meet the varied needs of people from different cultures.

Some people learned about these services through their university's international student offices, while others used online resources and links to settlement agencies and immigrant organizations.

Social media, such as WhatsApp groups dedicated to newcomers, were mentioned as crucial sources of support and resources to ease the adjustment to a new environment. Community events were also praised for promoting connections and integration.

However, access to these services can sometimes be limited due to time or resource constraints, and some people expressed concern about the need for ongoing support after the initial sessions.

Overall, participants appreciated the availability and variety of services offered in Canada but also highlighted areas for improvement, such as the need for ongoing support and mentoring initiatives for more effective integration.