YAG Discussion: Journey to Community

Youth share their experiences, challenges and successes while highlighting the importance of community in their adaptation to Canadian life.

What is the YAG?

The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) created by OCASI provides a space for newcomer youth to share their experiences and participate in discussions about their journey to community, services, education and employment. 

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Journey to Community Illustration
This discussion was illustrated live, visually capturing the key points and highlights of the meeting. Click on the illustration to view it in full.

Journey to Community

In a recent Youth Advisory Group (YAG) discussion, participants shared their experiences, challenges and successes while pointing out the importance of community in their adaptation and well-being.

Community represents support, a sense of belonging and shared values for many people. It creates a mutual support network for overcoming daily challenges in a new environment.

The absence of this support can lead to profound isolation, making it challenging to navigate life's ups and downs. Without this community, facing mental and emotional challenges becomes more difficult.

The international students shared their experiences in school, highlighting the importance of community ties in adapting to a new environment. These relationships offer friendships, help overcome homesickness and promote better social integration.

Some people noted that transitioning to an individualistic society like Canada's can be difficult for those from more collectivist cultures. Understanding these cultural and social differences can help facilitate this adaptation.

Finally, participants discussed the importance of community services for newcomer youth, highlighting the need for increased accessibility and inclusive design to meet diverse needs, personalities and cultures.