Should I work while studying?

Keeping your grades up should be your top priority, but if you can fit it in your schedule, it might be a good idea to take on a part-time j

A little money can go a long way

Money is the most obvious reason to find a part-time job. After all, tuition is expensive, and student loans can add up quickly. By working even a few hours a week, you can start paying off loans a little at a time, or (if you’re really smart with your money) you may be able to avoid having to take loans together.

The job experience can be invaluable

As soon as you graduate from college or university, you’re going to be looking for a full-time job, aren’t you? So you’d better have something to put on your resume! Getting job experience—even if it’s selling T-shirts the mall or popcorn at a movie theatre—shows future employers that you’re reliable, hardworking and take initiative. And if you make a good impression, your part-time employer can also act as a great reference for you to put down on any future job applications.

It can be fun!

Yes, a part-time job is work, but it can also be a lot of fun. Depending on what type of job you find, you may have opportunities to interact with the public, use your creativity or set and reach goals. You’re also sure to make some friends along the way.

What if it’s just too much?

If working during the school year is just too much to handle, why not consider working at other times? Summer jobs are the obvious choice, but remember that some employers (like stores at the mall) need extra help around Christmas break. Even working for a week or two at a time will give you job experience, a little extra cash and something to put on your resume!