How can I build a career in tech right out of school?

The tech industry has thrived even during the pandemic because of its digital nature and lots of junior level positions are available.

During the pandemic

The year 2020 introduced the world to it’s first global pandemic, grinding our economies to a halt as society went indoors to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

If you’re a student graduating during this period of history, it’s no surprise that the future seems uncertain. Looking for a job in a job market that is already going through massive systemic changes is a daunting task and to build a career in the middle of it all might seem like wishful thinking. 

But it has been done. There are several success stories coming out of the pandemic of students who have earned their credentials, grabbed opportunities, and began building careers coming right out of school. 

Hope in Tech

One industry that has thrived during the pandemic is the IT sector. Due to its digital nature, working remotely is something that comes naturally to those in tech. Coupled with an ever-growing need for IT support and a shortage of skilled labor and you have a career option that is bursting with opportunities. The world is becoming ever more digitized, and this makes a career in IT seem like a fantastic prospect. 

There are many organizations across Canada that have unfilled, entry level ICT jobs. Despite an additional 61,000+ tech workers in 2018 Canadian companies posted job openings for 116,000 tech positions in 2019.

Come one, come all

While the tech industry is vast and ever-changing, this only means that chances to enter it are a lot easier to come by. Even at junior levels, there is a consistent need for skilled labor with plenty of opportunities to grow and build a career out of. 

Roles in tech include:

  • Customer support
  • Systems administrators
  • Service technicians
  • Information security analysts
  • Application testers
  • Database developers

Training to get into such roles require specific skills and certifications that are not hard to accomplish but do require a level of skills with computers and an affinity towards working with computers. 

If you are between the ages of 17 and 30, living in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia or Ontario, you could qualify for a free Google or Microsoft certified program with NPower Canada. This non-profit organization not only trains you to get certified but offers wrap-around support such as soft skills training, interview skills and employment opportunities. To find out more, check out NPower Canada today.

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