How do I get a bicycle?

Biking is a healthy and cheap way to get around, especially in good weather. Before you start, make sure you're safe and know the rules.

Are there rules for cyclicsts?

A bike is a vehicle. This means that you have to obey road rules if you're riding one. These rules are made by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

According to the Act, cyclists:

  • must obey all traffic laws
  • have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers
  • are not allowed to carry passengers if your bicycle is only meant for one person

You should learn these rules to stay safe. If you break the rules, you might get an expensive fine. The Ministry of Transportation has a helpful page on bicycle safety you should read before getting on the road.

Where can I buy a good and affordable bike?

You can buy a brand new bike for around $100 in a big department store. But chances are it won’t last you very long.

You can also find great used bikes. Even if it’s not in perfect condition, your used bike can be fixed! It will also probably last a lot longer than a cheap, new bike.

You can find used bikes on:

  • Online classifieds – People sell their used bikes on websites like Craigslist and Kijiji. You just have to email or call them to let them know you are interested in seeing or buying the bike.
  • Social media – People often things they want to sell or trade on groups like Bunz. Facebook groups are also a good way to find used items locally.
  • Shops – Some shops sell used bikes. Find a shop near you by searching for them on Google Maps.

Do I need a bike lock?

Yes. Bikes get stolen all the time, especially in large cities. You can find bike locks at a department storeRemember to lock your front wheel and bike body to the lock stand! This stops someone from stealing your wheel if they can’t steal your whole bike.

Do I have to register my bike?

It is a good idea to register your bike. Registering your bike lets the police know it's yours. If your bike gets stolen, the police may find it. If they do, there is no way to know it is yours unless it is registered. If you register your bike, they can return it to you faster.

To register your bike:

  • Find your bike’s serial number. It is usually found on the body of the bike. If yours does not have one, carve or engrave a number on your frame.
  • Contact your local police service to register your bike. They will ask you for your bike's serial number.