Where Can I Learn French in Ontario?

Canada is a country with two official languages, French and English. If you’re interested in improving your French skills there are several places you can look in Ontario. French classes are offered by public and private schools which teach French as a Second Language (FSL). Often these classes have a registration fee.

French classes in Ontario

You can find some more information about French classes in Ontario in the following places.

School Boards

Ontario schools offer French credit courses for high school students that are free of charge. If you are interested in studying other subjects in school in French you might consider entering a French Immersion program. Schools with French immersion programs are listed on each school board’s website.

Non credit French classes are offered by various school boards in the Continuing Education section of their websites. These courses have registration fees and are open to youth and adults. Check out this example of a course catalogue for programs available in Toronto

Public Libraries

French discussion circles or meetings are often listed under the programs and classes section on public library web sites. These programs are usually free of charge.

Universities & Colleges

French language classes which may be credit or non-credit courses are usually found in the Continuing Education section of the websites for universities and colleges across Ontario. Various universities and colleges also offer credit French courses which can be applied to degree or diploma French programs in their Languages department listings. These courses always have a registration fee.

Cultural Organizations

Organizations like Des Alliance Françaises du Canada have academic private schools for French language instruction across Canada . These classes require a fee.

Private Language Schools

Some language schools offer French as well as English. These courses are not free for students. To find out which schools offer French you can search for “Schools-Language” in the Yellow pages to find the schools in your city or you can use a language school database to find locations in your area.

Of the FSL classes that have a fee in Ontario the non-credit interest courses offered by the school boards are often at a lower cost than other programs.

If you are having troubling finding a French class in your city you can also visit community agencies in your area to ask for help. Different agencies are listed in Services Near Me.