How Do I Find An Immigration Lawyer?

It is important that you find a lawyer you can trust, is knowledgeable, and is affordable.

You can find an immigration lawyer by:

  • Asking people in your community, friends or family if they know a lawyer they would recommend.
  • Searching for “Lawyers” in the Yellow Pages. You need to find one that specializes in immigration. Prices are different for each lawyer, and you may have to phone several before you find one you are comfortable with.
  • Calling the Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) at 1-800-268-8326 or 416-947-3330 (within the GTA). If you call, the LRS will give you the name and phone number of an immigration lawyer. You can then call them and have a free legal consultation for up to 30 minutes. You do not have to hire the lawyer you spoke to if you wish to continue looking.

I can’t afford a lawyer. What can I do?

You may be able to qualify for a Legal Aid certificate for some immigration and refugee legal issues like:

  • Refugee hearings before the Immigration and Refugee Board
  • Sponsorship and deportation appeals
  • Detention reviews

To apply for a legal aid certificate for an immigration and refugee law matter, you must visit a Legal Aid office to complete an application and a financial test.

Be prepared!

When you visit a Legal Aid office, bring:

  • Identification
  • Proof of income or social assistance
  • Any other documents about your immigration or refugee application.