How do I save money with a Student Price Card (SPC)?

The SPC is a Canadian loyalty program that gives students access to discounts at thousands of restaurants and retailers across Canada.

Where can I buy an SPC?

SPC Cards are available across Canada:                 

Who can use an SPC?

The SPC Card is an exclusive membership program for students in Canada and cannot be used by friends or family members.

Students of any age can use an SPC Card, including those who go to:

  • Elementary, Junior High, and High Schools
  • College and University
  • Private and Public Academies
  • Special Interest Schools, such as Language Schools

If you are a student that is over the age of 16, you may be asked to present a valid student ID along with your SPC Card. Discounts to students may be refused by SPC partners if you fail to present a valid student ID.

How much does an SPC cost?

In Ontario, the price of 1 Student Price Card is $10.50 including all taxes.

Prices may vary from province to province.

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