Where do I live once I immigrate to Canada and settle in Ontario?

If you're new to Ontario, you can stay at apartment hotels, hostels, and shelters while you look for affordable housing.

Where can I stay while I look for a home?

If you're new to Ontario and don't have a place to stay yet, staying in a hotel while you're looking for a place to live can get really expensive. Try the following options:

  • Apartment hotels: Apartment rentals by the week or month. This is cheaper than renting a hotel room on a day-by-day basis. To find an apartment hotel, search online on Google, or the Yellow Pages. You can also try Airbnb.
  • Hostels: An affordable option for single people or small families. You either share a room with others or share a bathroom. Find hostel listings at Hostels.comHostelz.com, and Hihostels.ca.
  • Shelters: For refugees and immigrants only. There are also shelters for youth. Staying at a shelter is free. This is emergency housing. You will most likely be sleeping in a group room. For more information, read our article about shelters.

    How do I find affordable housing?

    If you're single, the cheapest option is to share an apartment or house with other people (roommates). Many students and young people choose this option. You can find advertisements for rooms or advertise for roommates on online classifieds like Craigslist and Kijiji.

    If you want to live with your family, or if you prefer your own space, you can find out more about affordable and subsidized housing at a Coordinated Access Centre. Subsidized housing allows renters to pay rent according to their income. There's usually a long waiting list for them. You can apply for subsidized housing, get a housing reference and access translator services at your local Coordinated Access Centre.

    You can also live in a co-op. Co-ops, or co-operative housing, is housing where everyone who lives in the building, or house, is an active member of the housing community. This type of housing is cheaper than regular housing. Find out more by reading about co-ops.