Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund

Start Date
The Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund aims to provide access to post-secondary education and reward youth who demonstrate community leadership.


The TRSF is now open for its fourth year to 150 young people through 14 national partner organizations, including 22 students through Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada! Those eligible to apply through the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s application stream must have spent time in government care.

Scholarship Details + Eligibility

  • $2500 annually towards tuition for any Canadian full-time, 2-4 year post-secondary  program or certificate at a college, university or trade school (funds will be transferred directly to the school)
  • Student must be currently enrolled or planning to enroll in their first post-secondary program (academic, technical or vocational), at a recognized public post-secondary institution or a registered private post-secondary institution starting in Fall or Winter semesters 
  • Student must be 24 or under and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Student must have to-date experienced a minimum, cumulative total of 12 months in provincial government care before age 18 (including: permanent or continuing care/crown ward, temporary care, voluntary care, customary care, kith/kin or extended family placements, youth agreement/independent living, custody centres)
  • Student must demonstrate financial need and contributions to the community
  • Can be used in addition to any other funding sources (loans, scholarships/bursaries, tuition waivers) including the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s flagship scholarship program
  • Guaranteed renewal for length of program (2-4 year programs) totaling up to $10,000
  • Guaranteed Rogers job interviews for retail, call centre and intern positions if student applies


  • Step 1: Submit your 2020 CAFC Nomination Form & Confirmation of Care Form by Friday, February 21 at 5:00 pm EST. Please note: The nomination and confirmation of care forms are Step 1 of a two-step application process. If selected for Step 2, students will be notified by March 6th with further instructions.
  • Step 2 (If selected): Upload your application and any additional information requested to the online portal (link will be provided to selected candidates) along with your confirmation of care & proof of enrolment by designated deadline (Date – TBD).

Application Criteria

Recipients will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Application and both supporting documents submitted on time
    • Confirmation of Care form*
    • Proof of enrolment** Required for Step 2 only
  • Quality of application; the more detail you can provide within the word count, the better
  • Quality and quantity of community leadership (i.e. volunteering, working for a community organization, community activism/advocacy, sports, arts, clubs etc.)
  • Demonstrated financial need (you have necessary expenses that are not already fully covered, like tuition, books/supplies, rent, furniture, transit, food, health care including uncovered services)
  • Proof of enrolment only. Grades are not a factor. This scholarship is not about academic achievement, but about supporting the leaders we need in our communities to pursue their goals!

*If you are not in touch with your social worker, please try the office where they worked for a confirmation letter. If you are having any issues getting a confirmation letter from a social worker, please be in touch with us before the deadline and we can help you find someone who can confirm your time in care — please don’t let it discourage you from applying!

**A screen shot of an email from the school confirming that they have received your application is acceptable if you have yet to be accepted or enrolled

Please contact Lisa Mickleborough if you have any questions or to request a nomination form to apply or refer a youth to this opportunity: lmickleborough@cafdn.org or (416) 923-3348 x215