Digital Fluency for the Workforce

Start Date
This FREE program will provide participants with flexible training to develop their digital skills in order to find success in the workplace

Humber College is now accepting applications for the Digital Fluency For The Workforce program. The summer cohort will take place in July 2021.

These digital fluency skills will enable participants to adapt to digital toolsmanage digital information, and communicate effectively in digital spaces. The program also provides employment assistance and is focused on supporting newcomers, youth (ages 19-29), racialized peoples, and those who need to enhance their literacy & numeracy skills (often referred to as essential skills).

You will gain the following tangible digital skills:

  • Digital Information Management
  • Data Collection, Interpretation, Analysis
  • Digital Communication
  • Ethics & Security Awareness
  • Professionalism in Digital Spaces
  • Digital Problem-Solving

Participants will also earn up to 3 micro-credentials that are recognized & valued by employers.

The program will take place completely online for the July 2021 cohort.

Prior to the training, participants will be pre-assessed and will then be placed into a specific micro-credential, depending on their current level of digital fluency.

Upon completing the program, they will learn how to effectively use devicessoftwareand the internet in order to successfully transition to the workforce.

Program Eligibility

Participants must be unemployed or underemployed 

Participant Groups

Participants must belong to at least ONE of the following target groups

  • Newcomers
  • Youth (ages 19-29)
  • Racialized Peoples
  • Those who need to enhance their literacy and numeracy skills.

Program Registration Process

The first step of the registration process is to sign up for an information session.

Participants can use the link below to register for an information session and learn more about the program.

Learn More About the Program

This micro-credential training is an innovative undertaking from Humber, and is part of the Digital Fluency for the Workforce (DFW) research project.

We invite you to learn more about this project by visiting our program website or by attending an information session. Info sessions are available for both clients as well as staff from community organizations.