Silver Linings: Adapting to Change During a Pandemic

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This masterclass will focus on strategies for mental wellness, resilience and growth during uncertain times and support youth leadership.

Join youth leaders from across Canada for a two-day masterclass series on adapting to change during a global pandemic. This is a Re:Action4Inclusion event hosted by Community Living Ontario’s Youth Advisory Committee in partnership with The Beanstalk Project. Youth leaders like yourselves, with and without a disability, are continuing to promote an inclusive Canada through new ways of leadership. Your leadership has been essential to building communities and empowering youth voices, even during a crisis! Through this masterclass, you will explore strategies for mental wellness, resilience and growth while adapting to the ‘new normal’. You all have ‘silver lining’ stories of how you demonstrated strength and resilience through your leadership. Our masterclass sessions will give you the opportunity to connect with our youth advisors and inspirational speakers. Join us!

Session One: 30th November 2021 - Transitioning into the Unknown: Strategies for Wellness During Uncertain Times

Session Two: 7th December 2021 - Adaptation: Resilience, Silver Linings, and Growth

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