Immigrate to Canada as a refugee

I am a young migrant of Guinean origin aged in his twenties living in the prefecture of Oujda (Morocco) as a UNHCR Refuge i wanted to immigrate in Canada as a refugie



Thank you for your question.

Your first step should be to read this article: How does Canada's refugee system work? 

The article gives you information about how to make refugee claims within and outside of Canada, and the rights refugees have. It also shares information about eligibility and links to other relevant resources to help you immigrate to Canada.

You can make a refugee claim within Canada when you arrive by land, sea or air.

You can make a refugee claim outside of Canada, if you are sponsored by the government or a private group.

The Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) makes decisions about refugee claims. They decide if you are a Convention refugee or a person in need of protection.

More information is included in the article above.

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Sow Alhassane