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Good afternoon ma,am my is Mercy ,am a refuge in italy. Please I will like to move to canada with my family because I feel like am not using my skill well it Italy,why because of my level of understanding business marketing and promotion of sale,and my biggest problem is the language
barrier it very difficult for them to understand what am trying to achieve.please I need all the information on how I can apply as a refugee. Thanks


Hello Mercy,

Thank you for your question.

Your first step should be to read this article: How does Canada's refugee system work? 

The article gives you information about how to make refugee claims within and outside of Canada, and the rights refugees have. It also shares information about eligibility and links to other relevant resources to help you immigrate to Canada.

The Government of Ontario has also created a tool that you can use to assess your English skills online before your arrive.

In addition, you can use pre-arrival services if you've been approved to immigrate to Canada. These are available for free both online and in-person program. Pre-arrival services can help you get job training and skills, find a job, and access resources like healthcare, housing, etc. 

To find out more about pre-arrival services, please read this article: What are pre-arrival services?

We hope this helps. Team

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