What is the Job Bank?

The Job Bank is a large government website with job postings and labour market information.

The Job Bank has over a million jobs posted each year. All job postings are displayed in English and French. Employers often use the job bank to advertise jobs for free.

You can also access free labour market information on careers including educational requirements, wage rates, duties, current job trends and more.

Job Bank Features

In addition to job listings and labour market information, the Job Bank has some tools that can help you look for a job. You will need to sign up for a Job Bank account to access some of these tools.

Important Note: Some features are only available to Permanent Residents, Citizens and authorized Express Entry candidates.

  • Job Bank - Up to date list of jobs that are available for students and youth on Job Bank.
  • Job Match - Know which job postings match your skills, experience and location. Employers can invite you to apply for postings based on your profile.
  • Job Alerts - Receive notifications about new job postings every day based on your preferences.
  • Resume Builder - Build a resume based on a professional template that profiles your education, skills, and experience.
  • Job Market Trends and News - Find in-depth labour market information by region and sector.

Features for Newcomers

If you have recently arrived in Canada, you can look for jobs that are specifically targeted to newcomers. If you are not a Canadian citizen, you can learn about your employment options.

Get Help Finding a Job

Many community agencies can help you with your resume and cover letter. To find help, find your city and select "Find a Job" in your area.