Work permit extension/renewal

I am a refugee claimant, i want to know hiw ri go abiut renewal ir extension of my work permut that would be expiring by end of August 2018. I was unable to use the work permit since last year dye to some reasons beyond my control. I hope to get employed before the end of this month and l just want to know how ti go about the renewal so ut does not affect the job am taking up soon.


Hello and thank you for your question.

It's great that you're being proactive about renewing your permit and looking into how to do so in advance!

If you want to extend your work permit, make sure you begin your application at least 30 days before the date your permit will expire. 

You can either apply online, or on paper after downloading the application package. Details on how to apply can be found on the Government of Canada's website.

We hope this helps. team

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