what does a Recommended Prerequisite Grade: 70% mean?

Our school has a program that we use to apply for high school... (myBlueprint). This allows us to select the courses we want to take in grade 9,10,11,12...  Now my teacher has recommended me to take all academics in math, language, and science... Now I have selected the course based on my teacher's recommendation, it gives an explanation mark beside the course  I have selected saying: Recommended Prerequisite Grade: 70%! What does this mean????


Hello and thank you for your question.

We believe that the "Recommended Prerequisite Grade" of 70% means that you need to get a grade of 70% or above on the courses you're taking right now, in order to take the academic courses you want to next year. Every year, you will have to fulfill the prerequisite requirements for the courses you want to take next year. To learn more about what prerequisites are, please read our article, 'What are Prequisites and Why are they Important.'

You should also speak to your teachers and guidance counselors to get clarification.

We hope this helps.

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