Educate Yourself

Types of Valid ID

A driver’s license may be handy for identification, but you should know that it’s not the only form of valid identification you can use for day-to-day business.

Generally speaking, most organizations are looking for the following information when trying to identify you:

  • Birth date

  • Legal name

  • Photo

  • Signature

What Does It Mean To Be Deported?

To be deported means to be removed from Canada by immigration authorities. People who are deported are sent back to their country of origin.

According to Canadian law, anyone who is not a Canadian citizen can potentially be deported, even Permanent Residents.

Facing deportation can be scary because people who are about to be deported face an uncertain future in their home countries. In some cases, families may be separated, and members may not ever be allowed to return to Canada.

Why Are People Deported?

People are deported mainly due to:

LGBTQ and New to Canada? You’re Not Alone!

If most of the people you go to school with or know seem to be straight, it can feel like there’s nobody to talk to about your sexuality or gender-identity—and that can get really lonely. It’s important to remember that, even though you may not be able to spot them, other LGBTQ people are everywhere! If you reach out for support, you might be surprised at the friendships you’ll make and mentors you’ll find.

What if I Can’t Afford a Lawyer?

Do I have to be a Canadian citizen to get legal help?

No. In fact, lawyers and community legal clinics may be able to help you get Canadian citizenship.

What is Legal Aid?

Ontario has a legal aid plan that gives lawyers to people who can't afford one.

Legal Aid involves an application process. They look at things like your sources of income and the type of legal problem you have before deciding whether or not you are eligible for a legal aid certificate.