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What is a SIN?

If you want to legally work in Canada (and access some government services/benefits) you need a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

A SIN is a 9 digit number that you need to also access some government services and benefits.

Want to apply now? Find out how to get a SIN.

When, and with whom, should I share my SIN?

There are a few times that you have to share your SIN. These include:

How Do I Get My Babysitting Certificate?


Why Do I Need A Certificate to Babysit?

Babysitting (taking care of someone else’s children) is great way to make some money at any age, but it carries a lot of responsibility.

Babysitting classes teach you how to take care of kids while their parents/guardians are not around. You can show your certificate to parents so they know you have the knowledge to be a good babysitter.

How Do I Get My First Aid/CPR Certificate?

A CPR and First Aid certificate is a document that proves that you have completed the necessary courses and have learned life-saving skills. It can be very useful when looking for employment. You will get a certificate if you complete required classes (see below).

What are First Aid and CPR?

First Aid is a basic health course that teaches you how to help people in an emergency situation. The first and easiest First Aid course will always teach a bit about CPR as well.

What is EI?

If you've lost your job, you'll probably need money while you look for other work or upgrade your skills. The Canadian government provides short-term financial assistance to unemployed people as they make their next career move. Learn more about if you're eligible and what kinds of benefits you can get below.

Can I get EI?

If you’ve lost your job because of no fault of your own, like from work shortages or seasonal lay-offs, you can probably collect EI. If you voluntarily left your job or were fired because of something that was your fault, you can't get EI.