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I Have a Resume, Now What?

You have your confirmation of SIN letter, and your resume file ready to be emailed out. You are ready to enter into the Canadian job market, confident about the skills you have acquired, and willing to learn more. The question is, how exactly do you enter into the job market? Where do you go to find a job?

What are the Steps to Starting my Own Business in Canada?

Being an entrepreneur (someone who runs their own business) can be very rewarding and there are many resources and support services available for anyone who wants to start a business or buy a franchise or existing business.

Immigration Status

It is important to understand the immigration process and your immigration status before you begin to start a business in Canada.

These are the important points you need to know:

How Do I Write A Follow-Up Letter?

You got a job interview? Great! Not sure if it went well? You should send a follow-up letter (or email). Whether you’re happy or unhappy with the way you performed during the interview, it is still a good idea to follow up. This letter lets you thank the interviewer for their time, but also remind them of a couple of your key strengths. If the interviewer hasn’t made a final hiring decision yet, this letter/email could help them decide on you.

How Do I Create a Canadian-Style Resume?

A good resume is an important step towards finding a job. Writing a resume is your way of telling others about your accomplishments, skills and work experiences. So take your time when creating one and if you get stuck, remember, there are many different resources that are open to you. Whether it’s at your school, your local library or your neighbourhood community organization, you can get resume help from a variety of places.

So let’s get started!

There are different ways to put together a Canadian resume; here are some useful tips to keep in mind. Keep it short