Subsidized Housing


i just wanted to know my brother lives in a subsidized house and now he is planning on moving in a couple of months and i have also applied for subsidy. Is it possible if i can move in to his apartment? If i tell the TCHC im on the list already i have 3 kids and i have nowhere to go. 



Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, you cannot move into your brother's subisized apartment and takeover the unit. The apartment will go to the next person in the waiting list. 

If you have also applied for subisidzed housing, you will have to wait until a unit is available to you. According to Housing Connections

The wait ranges from about one to five years for a bachelor; seven to ten years for a one-bedroom; five to ten years for a two-bedroom; ten to twelve years for a three- to four-bedroom; and four to six years for a five-bedroom home. You need to wait for your name to come up on the waiting list and for a vacancy in the size of unit in buildings you have chosen.

You can get more information from the tenant guide as well.

I hope that helps,

Jai -