Paying for School

Find a Job and Pay for Your School

Pay for your Post-Secondary Education while Working

Need help paying for your school? A great way to pay for tuition, books and transportation for school is working part-time while studying. It is a great way to make money, meet new people and gain valuable experience when you graduate. Paying for your post-secondary education can be a rewarding expereince.

In order to find a job in Ontario, you will need a number of things:

Should I Work While Studying?

If you’re a university or college student, one thing is for sure: you’re pretty busy these days! Between class time, assignments, spending time with your friends and grocery shopping and cleaning (especially if you’re living on your own) you’ve got a ton going on. Still, even though studying is your top priority, there are some good reasons to push yourself a little harder and take on a part-time job.