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What can I do if I experience discrimination at school?

Students in Ontario deserve to have a safe school experience that is free of discrimination and harassment. This means that we are all entitled to basic human rights and there are laws put in place to protect us.

What is discrimination?

Discrimination is when you are treated unfairly or being denied the same opportunities, experiences and privileges as others. Ontario's Human Rights Code says that you must not be treated differently because of:

What are ESL Classes?

ESL stands for "English as a Second Language." If you need to learn to speak, read, write, understand or just improve your English, you can do so by taking ESL classes. There are different ESL levels you can take, from 1-5, depending on how advanced you are.

I’m a student - Where can I take ESL classes?

Many students in Ontario speak more than one language and have a first language that is not English. You can take ESL classes in elementary, middle, and high school. You can also take ESL classes at your university or college.

Where Can I Learn French in Ontario?

Canada is a country with two official languages, French and English. If you’re interested in improving your French skills there are several places you can look in Ontario. French classes are offered by public and private schools which teach French as a Second Language (FSL). Often these classes have a registration fee.

French classes in Ontario

You can find some more information about French classes in Ontario in the following places.