Receiving O.W. under age of 18, parents consent?

I have recently found out that my child, who is under 18 is receiving O.W.

My child is living with her boyfriend and his family. Her father and I are divorced

but have never kicked her out or abused her. We wish she would live with either

of us. The people she is with are recreational drug users and against therapy.

They believe marijuana is good for anxiety.

They helped her get O.W. and are taking rent from her. I was NOT notified by O.W.

or questioned. What can I do? My daughter was in counselling (it took 3 months to get her

into the Pathstone program), but quit since moving in with these people. She is currently

in the hospital on a 72hour hold and we want her to get into a 2 week program at Mac Sick Kids.

What can I do??


Hello and thank you for your question!

We are sorry to hear about your situation. By law, in Ontario a child 16 years of age and older can withdraw from parental control and live where they choose.

Please see our I'm under 18 how can I apply for OW section for information on getting Ontario Works if you are 16-18 years old. We would also advise you to consult with Legal Aid Ontario if you need further assistance on what else you can do.

We hope this helps! team