Ontario Works

My 17 year old brother has no identification, no income, and no stable living arrangements. How can I help him get all these things? 


Hello and thank you for your question.

We're sorry for the difficult situation you and your brother are in. 

To get identification, we suggest that you try to track your birth certificate down. You can then apply for a health card, an Ontario Photo Card or your PR card. You can visit a Service Ontario to get more help for your unique situation.

Until your brother finds a job, he can he can apply for welfare, or Ontario Works, even if he's under 18. Because his situation is unique and he's still underage, we suggest that he goes to an Ontario Works office and speaks to a case worker. They'll be able to figure out his eligibility and guide him through the process. 

There's more information about applying for Ontario Works if you're under 18 on our website. Learn as much as you can and gather all the documents you need before going to an Ontario Works office.

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We hope this helps.

NewYouth.ca team

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