ODSP and Getting OSAP

Hi my parents are getting ODSP, however i don't live with them or getting any help from them. Also, i am not in the under beneficiary of ODSP. however, when i apply for my OSAP, they ask if i my parents getting ODSP. i said yes. in other hand, according to the OSAP i am still a dependent student since i’ve been out of high school for less than 4 years before the start of my study period. but i am living independently. not getting any help from my parents or i am not helping them either. how should i handle this situation? help please




Thank you for your question.

If your parents are receiving ODSP and you have mentioned that in your OSAP application, it will not impact the amount of OSAP you are eligible to receive. You are required to identify in your OSAP application your family’s estimated income or if they are ODSP recipients. This is only so that OSAP can verify your family’s income if you are considered a dependent student. You will continue to get the amount of OSAP you are eligible for.

OSAP is meant to cover your educational costs (and not living costs), such as tuitions fees, textbook costs, additional supplies and equipment, and local transportation. Your income or your family’s income will not impact your OSAP amount. Even if you are an ODSP recipient, you can still apply for OSAP.

You can read more here on the policies of Ontario Disability Support Program. You can also read more here on the definitions of dependent and independent students according to OSAP.

I hope that helps.