Hi there. My mom is currently on ODSP, and the two of us live alone together. When I turn 18, if I get a job, will any income be subtracted from her ODSP money? Will I lose all medical coverage? I really want to go to post-secondary, but I'm very scared about money and how we will pay for university. 



Thank you for your question.

If you get a job, it is possible that your mom’s ODSP funds will be effected. According to ODSP you are only eligible for financial assistance:

“if the costs of your household’s basic living expenses are more than your household’s income and assets (as determined by your ODSP caseworker).”

Your mom is also required to report any monthly household earnings. The amount of reduction of ODSP benefits will depend on how much income you earn. You can find more information on the ODSP website.

I hope that helps.

Pooja - NewYouth.ca