Need a safe place to stay

Hello I'm 17.

I'm currently in high school grade 12 and I ran out of my parents house cause of some physical and emotional abuse. I'm staying at a friends house and I do have a part time job but it won't cover costs of rent of an apartment I can stay in cause I can't stay at my friends forever! I've spent months trying to get my household safer with the drug use and abuse and it worked for a month just for my parents to lie to a doctor again for my meds to share!

Now I need welfare! To help but I DO NOT want my parents in this cause they will make crap worse. They will force me back in the house and as a "youth" no one listens to me. So I'm back in the crap I started. I need welfare or else I will not live like this and I have no family and I'm not going back to my parents.

So please what should I do??