Need a place, in an abusive relationship

I live with my boyfriend and he is abusive but my home is too they are. Instantly putting me down and their is never any food and my brother is aggressive so I'm scared to leave my room that is the reason I moved with my boyfriend , he turned out to be an abuser and very aggressive himself I have a job but I only make 200 every two weeks .

I'm scared of shelters which is why I haven't gone for I have been before and I was scared and my stuff was stolen n I never had a place to go to during the day . I wanna get out of this it's been 2 years I've been with him and I need Out but I'm scared to leave not cause hell hurt me but because I'm be all alone with no one to be there for me this is why also I haven't left I'm scared of being alone and forgotten and to go down hill and be let with nothing.i am 17 and i am with a 25 year old I know now what I did was wrong .

All I wanted was to be cared about and when he did it felt good which is another reason why I don't wanna leave . I'm scared no one will care for me or love me I'm tired of being hurt by the ones who are supposed to love me, can you help me ?