Need ID for G1

Hi am a new comer and just 25 days old in Canada. I don't have any photo id issued by Ontario govt. I have my passport and landing papers. What should I do in this case to take G1 test??



Thank you for your question.

You will need to show proof of the following to take your G1 driver’s license test:

  • Legal name,
  • Date of birth (with the day, month, and year), and
  • Signature.

It is not necessary to have an Ontario issued government photo ID to show as proof. As long as you have a personal ID AND documents that show proof of your immigration status then you can take the G1 test. According to DriveTest, where all Ontario driver’s licenses are issued: “Proof of identity requirements can be met by presenting one or multiple documents, depending on the level of detail available on the documents you choose to show.”

To find more information on which documents are acceptable by DriveTest to take your driver’s license test, you can check their website here. You can also read more on how to get your driver’s license here from NewYouth.Ca. To know more details on how to apply for your test, you can read the article on Settlement.Org, found here.


I hope that helps.