Moving out at 16

So I'm trying to move out of my parents  house because theres just been a lot of arguing and abuse in the past. I can' find a job and I'm thinking to apply for welfare just so I can be able to pay for rent and groceries until I can find a job, but I need the money before I move out because I dont have anywhere else to go. Is that possible ?


Hello and thank you for your question.

We're sorry for the difficult situation you're in. Your health and safety is most important, and if you feel like you're in danger, please get help immediately. 

You can contact a Legal Aid clinic in your area and speak to an advisor for a free consultation on what your options are. You can also call or chat online with a counsellor at

Welfare, known as Ontario Works, is certainly an option you should look into. To be eligble for welfare, you must:

  • live in Ontario
  • be in financial need (your household doesn’t have sufficient financial resources to meet basic living expenses)
  • be willing to make reasonable efforts to find, prepare for and keep a job (unless you have specific circumstances that temporarily prevent you from doing so, such as an illness or caregiving responsibilities)

To get the best help, we suggest going to an Ontario Works office and meeting with a case worker. They'll be able to answer all of your questions and guide you through the process. Make sure you bring all the necessary documents to your appointment. 

If you're underage, please read our article on  applying for Ontario Works if you're under 18 on our website. 

We hope this helps. team

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