Permanent Residents

LGBTQ and New to Canada? You’re Not Alone!

If most of the people you go to school with or know seem to be straight, it can feel like there’s nobody to talk to about your sexuality or gender-identity—and that can get really lonely. It’s important to remember that, even though you may not be able to spot them, other LGBTQ people are everywhere! If you reach out for support, you might be surprised at the friendships you’ll make and mentors you’ll find.

What are Settlement Services?

Settlement services help you “settle” or adjust to your new life in Canada and are available in many languages. Most settlement services are free, though sometimes agencies will charge a fee for some services like translation.

You can find settlement services in community centres and agencies, schools, and community health centres. Settlement counsellors can answer questions about living in Canada and can also help you understand your immigration process better.

Settlement counsellors help you: