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How will OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare coverage work?

All children and youth aged 24 and under who have OHIP coverage will automatically be enrolled in OHIP+.   OHIP+ coverage will stop on an individual’s twenty-fifth birthday. The new OHIP+ program will cover all drugs and drug products currently reimbursed through the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) program. This includes more than 4,400 drug products listed on the ODB Formulary/Comparative Drug Index and additional drugs eligible for funding through the Exceptional Access Program (EAP).

What is a Community Health Centre (CHC)?

A Community Health Centre (CHC) is a place where you can get free health care and social services.

You can find a clinical team of doctors, nurses and dieticians to help you. There are also social service workers. They will work with you to promote your overall health and get you settled in your community.

If you do not have OHIP (the Ontario Health Insurance Plan), some CHCs can still help you. All services are confidential. You can also get a pregnancy or HIV/AIDS test without having your name recorded.