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How a Student Price Card (SPC) Can Help Students Save Money

The Student Price Card (SPC) is a Canadian loyalty program that gives students access to discounts and deals at thousands of restaurants and retailers across Canada. The most common SPC Card offers are around 10-15% off food, clothing, tickets, books, school supplies, and more.  

Where Can I Buy an SPC Card?

SPC Cards are available across Canada:                 

Where do I find low-cost dental care?

Dental care is expensive if you don’t have insurance. There are 4 places to find low-cost dental care in Ontario:

1. Your School

If you are in school, you might have access to a school dental program. Ask your school’s health care office or school nurse for more information. You may be screened by a nurse to see if you have serious dental problems, and will be referred for more dental care.

What are the Steps to Starting my Own Business in Canada?

Being an entrepreneur (someone who runs their own business) can be very rewarding and there are many resources and support services available for anyone who wants to start a business or buy a franchise or existing business.

Immigration Status

It is important to understand the immigration process and your immigration status before you begin to start a business in Canada.

These are the important points you need to know: