What is a housing co-op?

Housing co-operatives are democratic communities where there’s no landlord. Every resident is a member of the co-op and gets a say in how it’s run.

Co-ops are often more affordable than renting from privately owned housing. There are two types of pricing options in co-ops:

  • Market units are supposed to cost about the same as any other apartment, but are usually slightly cheaper.

  • Subsidized units cost only a portion of the market price, but usually have long waiting-lists.

What is subsidized housing?

The amount of rent you pay with subsidized housing can be based on how much money you're making, so your rent could be lowered If you aren’t making much money and cannot afford your rent right now, you might think about applying for subsidized housing.

Who can apply for subsidized housing?  

  • Families
  • Single people (16 years and older)
  • Seniors
  • People with disabilities who can live on their own without help, unless arranged with a non-profit organization.

How do I know if I can apply?

Everyone in your house must be:

What to Know When Moving Out

Moving out for the first time can be exciting but takes a bit of planning. Here are a few things to consider before you move.


Make a budget - decide how much or how little you are able to afford to pay in rent or a mortgage, and how much you will set aside for living expenses.

What are my rights as a tenant?

Renting an apartment or house can be an exciting experience, especially if it is your first time. However, it can also be a confusing and challenging experience, particularly if you are a newcomer youth in Ontario and you are not yet fully aware of all of your legal rights as a tenant (the person renting - you!). If is always important to know what your rights and responsibilities are as a tenant.

What is a shelter?

A shelter is a free place to sleep if you have nowhere else to go. Shelters are also sometimes called ‘hostels’. If you are homeless, feel unsafe in your own home, or are in an emergency situation where you need a place to stay, you should think about going to a shelter.

You can stay at some shelters for a short time and others will let you stay longer.