my daughter is 16 years old she has left home was living with my mother she’s a troubled teen who is aggressive, uses drugs, is very angry,suicidal, and so much more I let the school know and they helped her get Ontario works and told her to get her own apartment she doesn’t need Ontario works my mother provides her with everything why would the government give a 16 year old child money to use it to buy drugs this is crazy and insane she has 2 safe homes to live in but she choses not to because she is involved with the wrong crowd of friends and she’s a follower this is not right no 16 year old child who is unstable should be getting her own apartment and be approved for Ontario works please help thank you


Hello and thank you for your question.

If your daughter has filed an application with Ontario Works, and they have determined that she's eligible to receive aid, then you can't appeal that decision on her behalf, even as a parent. Her privacy and confidentiality are protected. 

It seems like your daughter may be going through a lot of personal struggles. It may be a good idea to look into mental health resources for her. 

We're sorry for the challenges you and your daughter are facing. 

We hope this helps.

NewYouth.ca team

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