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I have a questions ? I don’t get a long with my parents there’s no abuse I just don’t get along with them I am 16 and I want to move out and apply for welfare but I’m not sure if I’ll be approuved because there’s no abuse going on in my home I just need my own place I can’t stand fighting with my step mom and my mom anymore I’m also trying to get a job I am still in highscool also 




NewYouth Response

Hello and thank you for your question!

We're sorry you are having difficulties at home. Please visit our page "I'm Under 18, How Can I Apply for Ontario Works (Welfare)?"  for more information on how to apply for OW and find an OW office in your area. If you visit  the Daily Life section of our site you will also find other reources to help you. 

We hope this helps. 

NewYouth.ca team

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